Valentine’s Day Drink Coaster Craft Project

This coaster craft project is perfect for the Valentine’s Day dinner table. You can use some materials from the house to cut costs down on this project. Broken dishes are great used here instead of tossing them into the garbage. Beads, rocks, and marbles can also be substituted for the tile in these Valentine’s Day drink coasters.
Overall this craft project will take you an hour or two on two different days. The difficulty scale is easy.

This Valentine’s Day drink coaster is easy to make, and perfect for any decor. You can choose tiles and paints that match any d├ęcor from country to contemporary.

To make a Valentine’s Day Craft Project You Will Need:
4″X4″ inch picture Frame
Piece of plywood cut to 4’X4″
Broken tile pieces
Tile Adhesive
Paint Brushes
Wood glue
Finishing Nails

Start this craft project by taking your small picture frame apart. Remove the back, all of the cardboard, and the glass. Now, take some pliers and pull out any of those metal tabs that hold the back onto your picture frame.

Now, lightly sand your picture frame with a fine grit sand paper. Wipe the dust away. Prime the entire picture frame with a good quality primer like Kilz.

Once the primer has dried you can add a coat of paint in your choice of color. I like to use Valentine’s Day or even metallic that can easily interchange from holiday table to holiday table.

Cut your piece of plywood to 4″x4″, using a handsaw. Glue some wood glue around the edge of the piece of wood. Layer the paint picture frame on top of the piece of wood. Carefully line up the edges so that they look it clean and professional. Use finishing nails to attach the frame to the piece of wood.

Now for the fun part. Break up your Valentine’s Day colored tiles by placing them inside of a paper bag or an empty pillowcase. Use you hammer to smash the tile into small piece. Old dishes, store bought tile, and even old glass bottle are perfect for this part for the project. Mirror is also a great option.

Use a trowel to scoop some tile adhesive out onto your piece of wood, filling the area inside of the frame. Try not to get any onto the frame. If you do though, wipe it off with a damp rag. If some adhesive dries on your frame you will have to sand it to remove it.

Lay your broken tiles pieces in any design you want. Let them sit over night and dry into place.

Use the same trowel to smooth grout over the dried tiles. Completely fill all of the open spaces in between the tiles. Don’t leave any gaps or air bubbles because you will have to go back and fill them in later if you miss them.

Allow the grout to set up for about 20 minutes, and then carefully wipe it away with a damp sponge or rag. Ring the sponge out in water to keep it clean, and then wipe some more grout away.

Cut out a piece of felt to 4″X4″. Carefully glue it onto the bottom of your coaster. This will protect your table from being scratched.


If you need some more design inspiration, check this site out.

-Use different colored tiles to create a Valentine’s Day design on your drink coaster. Roses, and even a small heart would be cute.

-You can also create a geometric pattern wit h small accents of color.

-These Valentine’s Day drink coasters also make great candle bases.

– Use up old broken china as the tile mosaics. This is a great way to tie your table together.

– If you don’t have any broken china try to buy tile that matches your dishes.