The different types of saws that you need to know about

If you’re a seasoned wood worker you are likely familiar with an array of different saws, each suited to their specific uses. However, there are actually so many different types of saws for wood working that I’m sure we will show you some that you didn’t know of before. The most common saw everyone knows about (and most DIY folk have) is the handsaw. The hand saw is very useful, not only for building and crafting but even your every day joe  type of job.  On the other end of the spectrum you have table saws, and miter saws etc.


The Hand Saw

Hand saws have been around for a long time, as they are in essence a very primitive and basic tool. They’re useful in many different areas, but the basic design handsaw  is used for sawing through wood by builders, and anything you can imagine as a household tool by most handymen. As this is an absolutely crucial tool to have in your shed you should check out this guide to choosing the best handsaw here.

The Hacksaw

The hack saw is a common variant of the traditional type of hand saw. The hacksaw is mostly geared towards cutting through metal with high precision. The design of the handsaw is unique. It has a replaceable blade that is mounted in a frame.


The Band Saw

The band saw is an electrically powered type of saw, used for cutting all sorts of materials from metal to wood and plastic. The band saw is basically  a machine with a long blade fixed between the wheels. There are stationary varieties, as well as portable varieties of the band saw. They’re great when you need to cut more precisely, and quickly than you can with a hand saw. For most handymen they might be over kill since they’re pretty expensive.