How to Maintain and clean your drill press

When you first get your drill press you need to set your work area up to suit your drill press. But after some time of using your tool you will need to stop using it and do some maintenance to keep it in good working order. Even though the drill press looks like a simple machine with only a few parts (like the chuck, spindle, column, etc) there’s actually quite a few small parts that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

We will start by going over how to perform routine maintenance on the chuck. You will need to open the chuck jaws by twisting. Before you get in to do the final clean it’s a good idea to give that large surface area a quick wipe with a cloth or similar.

then you can clean the chuck on your drill press using a bristly brush, or by blasting it with compressed air. If you have an air compressor on hand this method is ideal. You simply put the nozzle of the air compressor inside of the chuck opening and blast away. This should easily remove debris that might be stuck in there like wood or metal shavings and dust.


After you’ve made sure the chuck is clean it’s time to lube it up! I use CRC lubricant for this. You should apply a generous load of lubrication to ensure you cover all the surface faces completely. Other than the chuck you should also lubricate any part of the drill press that is constantly in motion when the machine is turned on and operating. Pulley’s, drive belts, spindles, and even the column all should be given a coat of lubricant. Hopefully after reading this you’ve got some ideas for keeping your drill press in good shape. For more information check out this video.